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Times like these tend to be very difficult for natural-born adventurers. Being unable to visit new places, feed their senses and immerse themselves in unique cultures can leave a lot of travel-lovers feeling lost and out of sorts, right now. However, you can help put a pep back in their step – even if just for a little while.

Here’s a list of five perfect birthday gifts for the man who loves to see the world. Keep reading and you’ll figure out how to make your favourite adventurer happy:

Waterproof portable speaker

If your best friend loves to listen to music wherever he is, a waterproof portable speaker is probably the best gift choice for him. Truth be told, music can often make a huge difference – especially when travelling – which is why you should take this option into consideration. Such a piece is a great conversation starter as well, which is beyond amazing for all the people who love to travel alone and make new friends along the way. Just make sure to opt for a lightweight, waterproof model that has long battery life and incredible sound.

(Super useful) Power bank

When you’re often on the go, keeping that phone constantly juiced up can be a challenge. This is particularly true for long flights, when your smartphone is running out of power, as well as when there’s no electrical outlet near your bed in a hotel room (which can be particularly frustrating when you’re too tired after a long day of sightseeing).

So, if you want to save your man’s nerves and battery life when he’s travelling, be sure to surprise him with a quality mini power bank on his birthday. Such a gadget will allow him to charge his phone on-the-go, without having to sit by the power socket.

Cool minimalist watch

A lot of guys will agree that there’s no better travel companion than a good watch, and you know what – couldn’t agree more. So bear this option in mind when choosing a perfect birthday gift for your male friend. There are so many amazing styles out there, but minimalist ones are probably the best choice. These are sleek and elegant, yet so modern at the same time.

If your man loves to spice up his outfits by wearing nice accessories, you should get him a watch with interchangeable straps. One thing is certain – he’ll absolutely adore such a thoughtful birthday gift.

Eye-catching carry-on

If your best friend is a passionate traveller who loves to spend all of his free time on the go, he’ll definitely need an eye-catching carry-on bag. First of all, the bag in question should be extremely lightweight and easy to carry around. Also, it should be water-resistant, as well as durable, so that he doesn’t have to worry about his stuff during flights.

Carry-on bags made from hardshell materials are always a fantastic gift, so make sure to take them into consideration. Don’t forget to check out the wheels, too – these should be multi-directional and as silent as possible, so that he can roll his bag effortlessly in any direction. 

Eco-friendly travel gadgets on-the-go

On the other hand, if your man aspires to become a more sustainable traveller, you should help make it happen by surprising him with some great eco-friendly travel gadgets. Firstly, you should encourage him to completely ditch plastic straws by buying him a pack of metal straws. Reusable water bottles and cups are a huge must as well. For example, a stainless steel water bottle is a much better choice than one made from conventional plastic and collapsible water bottles made from food-grade silicone are a great choice, too. A set of reusable utensils can also be very handy when travelling, so give it a fair shot.

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