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8 Oct


Are you anxious to travel already, but still don’t want to risk it with air travel? Well, don’t worry and take your car for a nice road trip. Fall is the perfect time to hit the road since the weather is pleasant and nature is breathtaking. However, before you fasten your seatbelts, you need to know a few things that will make your fall road trip more comfortable and fun.

Time it well

If you want to peep at some fall foliage and snap many amazing Instagram photos of forests and lakes, you need to time your trip well. With climate change, hitting that sweet spot when the weather is nice for exploration yet nature is getting that recognizable fall hue is complicated, but possible. You can check some apps and see when you can expect to see peak autumn colors. They also offer good weather prediction so you can best time your road trip. 

Pack smart

You will spend a lot of time in your vehicle, so you need to stay comfy which means it’s best to travel light (especially if you have a compact vehicle). Try to minimize your luggage and bring only the necessities. However, don’t cheap out on food. Road trips last a long time and you might get hangry, so have plenty of snacks and healthy foods at your disposal. Buy a good cooler so you can pack everything from cold drinks to perishable foods. If you need something to keep warm (and you might since fall weather can get pretty cold pretty fast) grab a few thermos bottles of hot coffee, cocoa and cider.

Ready your car

Fall is a great time to travel by car, but it can also mean you’ll go through some unpredictable weather, mainly rain. Therefore expect to come across a lot of mud, especially if you’re planning to visit some orchards, pumpkin patches and farms. Invest in quality offroad tyres that will make your vehicle much more reliable and safer. Appropriate tyres mean you can hit any type of terrain and still stay safe and comfy in your car. Additionally, check all fluid levels, inspect your battery and give your car a thorough cleaning before you embark.

Buy a national park pass

Chances are that you’re planning to explore nature and take in all its beauty during your road trip, so you might want to hit one or two national parks. If you’re passing through a few of these natural monuments, you can purchase a National Park Pass. For an affordable price, you will cover all your entry fees and parking bills for the entire season or even year. Many national parks are resuming operation this fall, so your seasonal pass will be worth the expense.

Do something fun

While exploring nature and enjoying the open road is fun in itself, you can also try out a few fall activities suitable for the entire family. Hiking doesn’t cost a thing, and most countries and states have reliable maps of all best hiking paths and locations. Other activities you can partake in are apple and pumpkin picking, hayrides, corn mazes and haunted house tours. Most of them involve some entry fees, but they will definitely not break the bank.

Bring a ball and a Frisbee

Traveling in a car can get a little tiring after a while, especially for young kids. If you want to avoid unforeseen stops and meltdowns, make sure to bring a few toys with you. A ball and a Frisbee won’t take too much space in your trunk, yet they will provide hours of fun. You will get to stretch your legs, work on your cardio and get all the built-up energy out. Both you and your passengers will have a much calmer trip after you make a stop for some good old Frisbee or ball fun.

What do you say? Are you ready to pack your bags, grab your travel companions and have a fun road trip before the weather gets worse and sunshine turns to snow storms? Use these tips to make your autumn break fun, comfy and safe and you’ll come back home recharged and ready to take on the world.

Peter Minkoff
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