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21 Apr


No. 1: Mix up your black-and-white space with grey accents for added dimension.

No. 2: Stick to grey and white for a soft, neutral style.

No. 3: Try dark wood on the walls to contrast a two-tone bed and you’ve got a super sleek bedroom.

No. 4: Style contrasting patterns for a bold look from top to bottom.

No. 5: Opt for a gold and white bed with high-gloss black walls for a feminine look that exudes glamour.

No. 6: Add a mod pendant light to amp up the style of your black and white bedroom.

No. 7: Add a sense of drama to your space with all-black walls and navy accents.

No. 8: Splash a muted blue-grey on the walls to balance a creme coloured room.

No. 9: Place a shabby chic bed against a pretty patterned wall to add a soft and feminine touch.

No. 10: Create a sleek style in your bedroom with sharp lines and neutral shades.

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Tutu Adetunmbi

Tutu is an avid multitasker and great at organisational effectiveness and with a change in media and a change in fashion together, you have a whole lot of change, but that’s just a fun challenge for an editor! With a degree in Law and Masters in International Law and diplomacy, she took her writing skills into the creative space, visualising and creating fashion & lifestyle editorial content in her field and has never looked back.

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