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4 May


While other countries around the world are still observing compulsory lockdown, in Nigeria, the lockdown has been lifted partially according to the government but to the citizens, it might seem like a complete lift. In official information materials sent to the public by the government, it is explained that this lift was necessary to improve the economy of the nation, however, there will be a curfew in place and the practice of social distancing still enforced in daily business. Religious and social gatherings are still prohibited, there is also no inter-state travel, restaurants are still offering just take-away services and all, but what does this mean for you that has to go back to work?

You should know that the Corona Virus is still very much out there, no vaccine has been made yet, so you are still at risk of contracting the virus. You are still required to observe the safety measures that were announced and put in place at the beginning of the pandemic such as washing your hands regularly, using hand sanitizers, wearing a face mask and above all, maintaining a distance of at least 2metres from the closest person to you.

Image Courtesy: WHO

Commuting to and from work might be a little difficult if you have to use public transport although it has been announced that the transport system will be adhering to the rules of social distancing; in case you do not completely trust it, you can make use of the taxi-hailing services.

The ultimate goal is to avoid the spread of the virus and trying to stay safe while going about your daily business.

Tinuade Odutayo

Tinuade is a Digital Editor at SCHICK Magazine, she has interests in Brand and Corporate Communications. Tinuade with a degree in Communications Culture and Media from Coventry University enjoys creating content, reading, writing and researching; she hopes to eventually create experiential content for Lifestyle and Tourism.

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