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Career success isn’t about adjusting to the male status quo, it’s about changing the status quo by embracing what makes diverse perspectives unique, and overcoming the doubts that keep you from reaching your full potential and many modern women have realized this. Women are becoming incrementally more successful in the workforce — and are represented in the workforce in greater numbers than ever and holding a higher percentage of managerial and executive jobs than in the past. Women-owned businesses have doubled in the last dozen or so years.

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Working outside of her comfort zone allows you to take advantage of opportunities that never would have arisen otherwise. Don’t miss out on opportunities that come your way. Put yourself in a position to have those opportunities, know when one is facing you and take it.

Conquer Your Fears

Fear is consistently one of the biggest challenges women say they face in the workplace. These fears, whether it’s about being taken seriously, being inadequate or balancing work and family, often lead to a lack of confidence. Women shouldn’t feel the need to apologize for who they are and the skills they bring to the table.

Be A Risk Taker

Taking risks in your business or career can be intimidating since there is no surefire guarantee of success. However, if you aren’t willing to push yourself — whether it’s in a corporate setting or as an entrepreneur — you’ll never get off the ground. You have to be realistic, but you also need blind faith that it’s going to work. You need to get out of your own head, and listen to your gut

Be Passionate & A Pro

Without passion, all the skill in the world won’t lift you above your craft. If you don’t love what you do, you’re probably not going to be motivated to go above and beyond, to innovate and to stand out in the workplace. But if you’re passionate about your career, it will make putting time and effort into it pleasurable, not a chore. If you want to be a leader, be an expert one. You can never start too soon learning how to do it well.

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