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12 May


Diamonds are forever, that’s why acquiring a piece can cost an entire savings account! However, you cannot deny that they are also beyond magnificent and look stunning on a woman they’re meant for. Whether you’re shopping for a special someone, or want to treat yourself to a little bit of dazzle, shopping for diamond jewellery requires a little bit of research. That’s why we’ve come up with this little guide to help you out when you decide to shop for your first diamond piece.

What’s the Occasion?

One of the most important factors that will help you decide on the right piece of jewellery is the occasion. Planning on proposing to your partner? Shopping for an anniversary? Or you’d like to put a big smile on mum’s face for Mother’s Day? Each of these occasions requires a unique diamond jewellery. An engagement ring will require thorough research, while a pair of earrings or a diamond necklace will most likely require less of it and make for less stressful shopping.

Consider the 4 Cs

When you decide to shop for diamond jewellery, you’ll need to pay attention to the 4 Cs: Cut, carat, colour, and clarity. The cut of a diamond determines the brilliance of the light that shines through it and that’s later reflected through the stone; the finer the cut, the more expensive the diamond. The carat determines the weight of a diamond, which is directly linked to the price. When you pay for a diamond, you’ll pay the price per carat.

Colour is another factor you’ll need to keep in mind when buying diamonds. Grades D-F are the ones with the finest colour, while G-J can be perfectly suitable if you’re shopping for pendants or lockets, for instance. Clarity will determine how flawless a diamond is, and whether it has more or fewer imperfections that occurred during its shaping. 

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Beware of Certifications

You’ve decided on the diamonds you want to purchase, now what? Before you swipe that card, ensure to ask about the certifications. Ask your jeweller to provide you with a certificate of authenticity for your diamond, so you’ll know that you’re investing in a high-quality gemstone. GIA Certified Diamonds and AGS Certified Diamonds have been shown to be the best-certified diamonds because they’ve offered the most reliable results during diamond grading. Aside from certifications, it’s wise to look for renowned manufacturers such as B Corporation and only trust verified names in the jewellery business to sell you the quality piece of diamond jewels.

Shape matters too

When it comes to diamond rings, you’ll have to be sure that you’re shopping for the right shape. If you’re on the hunt for the right engagement ring, for instance, you should find out what shape your other half prefers, to make the entire experience that much happier. Does she like a round, oval, marquise, pear, heart, princess, or maybe emerald cut? If there’s no way to find out without spoiling the surprise, go with a universal shape like round.

Always keep style in mind

After considering the shape of the diamond, you should also keep in mind the style of the jewellery you’re after. Do you want a piece of jewellery made of white, yellow or rose gold? Maybe you want a mixture of two? Is the person you’re shopping for more into plain jewellery or an intricate ones? Ensure you pick out a design that will make your special someone happy.

Choosing your first diamond piece of jewellery can be challenging, so don’t rush it, do your homework and ask for advice where necessary. Only then will you know you paid a fair price for what you’ve bought and ended up with a gift worth treasuring for life.

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