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If you are moving houses or looking for a way to declutter and you want that clean minimalist feel to your space, you might need this. I am a sucker for clear, breathable spaces, where you can see through the environment and you automatically know when something has been placed incorrectly.

You have probably seen images of homes like this and rolled your eyes at the thought because ‘we don’t have an IKEA’. I used to think that too till I came across these items at local stores. So, here’s a list of storage items to keep your place neat and aesthetically pleasing with stores you can find them.


Spice Rack

If you are interested in all things interior, you would have definitely come across images of neatly arranged pantries with the spices and dry foods stored in see-through containers and labels. To achieve this you can purchase these storage containers from stores like Shoprite, Party Locks or Miniso, I haven’t found where the labels are sold but the trick to that is sourcing the templates and printing them out.

Storage Deep Trays

These trays can be used in your pantry, bathroom, closet, anywhere that requires storage. I personally prefer the see-through versions, just so I spot things easily, however, if you could use the coloured versions most especially when you have a pastel theme for your space and you need to colour coordinate. You can find these at Miniso and if you need the raffia version, the art market in Lekki would have them.

Drawer Divider

Having a neat drawer does not require sorcery of any kind, you just need to section the items and make them more visible and accessible. The way to achieve that is to either buy dividers from stores like Jumia or go DIY with wood, cardboards or deconstructed cartons.

Plastic Bag Dispenser

African homes are known for storing plastic bags for reuse and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, it’s the way of storage that isn’t aesthetically pleasing or should I say, clutter friendly. Thankfully, you can purchase these dispensers to keep your space tidy while still having them in sight. Alternatively, you can purchase a pouch or create a pouch that matches your interior.