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4 May


For the last few weeks (or months), a lot of us have been working from the ‘comfort’ of our kitchen counters, dining tables, beds and studies and for many of us, that might just become the new normal. With governments actively encouraging remote working and recommending that citizens stay home as much as possible, to help curb the spread of the Coronavirus, more companies are willing to make this arrangement permanent.

If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated space where you can work (be it a whole room or just a part of it), you’re one of the lucky bunch! Thanks to the almighty Pinterest, we have some practical suggestions that’ll help you organise your space, to make working from home more effective and help you stay sharp and productive.

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Treat it like your work office

You wouldn’t leave used tea bags, scrap pieces of paper and half-eaten granola bars on your desk at work, would you? So avoid doing it in your home office too.

Keep it tidy

A clear space makes for a clear mind. It’s hard to get (or stay) productive when there’s clutter around, so ensure you vacuum, dust and tidy the area as often as is necessary.

Ensure it is well-positioned

Is the Wi-Fi signal strong in that part of the house? If your work involves taking photographs, is there enough natural light coming into the room? These are factors to take into consideration when choosing a space.

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Get everything you need

Have your trusty stapler handy, ensure the printer is all set up and ready to go and keep your phone charger nearby, to avoid getting distracted too often.

Use shelves and storage units

A dedicated compartment for your books, stationery, technology, etc. will help give your office a much-needed sense of order and calm.

Consider sharing with your partner

This is a great way to maximise space and also spend time with your partner/co-worker if they work remotely too. You can create a simple demarcation and design your individual corners to your taste.

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Get a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign

This is for the kids, spouse and dogs! Help your family understand that at certain times, your work area is a no-go zone, whether that’s because you’re on a conference call or just need to concentrate hard for a few hours.

Keep your coffee maker close

For that energy boost every few hours or just the sheer joy of tucking into your favourite latte, consider getting a chic coffee maker for your office or simply keep the kettle nearby.

Go for a nice view

If you have the luxury of choice, opt for a room or space with a nice view (of the garden, street, clouds) to help keep you feeling relaxed and motivated.

Cheers to a productive week!

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Kunmi Odueke
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