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18 Feb


If you’re looking to add some warmth, interest and relaxing comfort to your living room, ethnic chic is where you should look. This type of interior décor is welcoming and warm and can be mixed and matched with other styles until you drop (even minimalism and modernism!). So, if you like how that sounds so far, here are a few tips on creating an ethnic living room that will definitely make you go on a little remodelling journey.

Find the right colour palette

When people think about ethnic décor, they instantly envision warm colours like burnt oranges, vibrant yellows and deep reds. They remind us of African sunsets, Australian soil and South American terracotta art. So, make sure to add these colours into your living room for a warm and welcoming vibe. These colours are also a perfect backdrop for all other ethnic elements in your home.

Welcome textures to your space

Various textures not only add depth and interest to your space, but they also have a very strong ethnic feel. Natural materials like wood, rattan, leather, feathers and jute can paint an especially beautiful picture of the nation’s folklore and tradition. Plus, these materials are very flexible and can be incorporated into your home in many ways. From wall art to throw pillows, different textures can create an interesting and versatile ethnic living room.  

Find your accent pieces

Ethnic and Boho designs are all about accessories. Each of your carefully picked out accents will tell a story and breathe some tradition into your space, no matter if you choose tribal sculptures of Africa or wicker plates of Asia. Probably the easiest way to incorporate ethnic accent pieces into your living room is to create a table centrepiece. For instance, if you want to keep the vintage or rustic feel in your home, invest in Wedgewood dinnerware set, as it will give your dining room that vintage Americana look while making it feel fabulously modern too!

Don’t forget the furniture

You don’t have to completely replace your old sofa and armchairs with new items to add some ethnic flair to your space. By adding smaller furniture pieces to your existing setup, you can easily transform the space for very little money. For instance, cute Moroccan tabouret and side table will add some interest to your space without overly expensive investments and an Eastern European antique dowry box can be a great addition to your space, because it can be used as seating and storage. You can also try a bit of DIY and create completely unique furniture pieces for your living room. Here’s a great idea: check out salvage yards for old Indian doorways, repaint them and turn them into big free-standing mirrors. As long as you think outside the box, you’ll manage to create an amazing ethnic interior for very little money.

Don’t forget the floors

One of the easiest ways to inject some ethnic vibes into your space is to adorn your floors with an appropriate carpet. You can go with everything from intricate Persian rugs to minimalist geometric Moroccan ones, depending on your overall home aesthetics. If you want to add some colour into your space, Mexican rugs will be just the thing you need. They are also usually made with natural dyes, so you don’t have to worry about being eco-friendly.

All in all, these ethnic colours and décor elements will instantly transport you to their place of origin! Plus, you’ll feel like a citizen of the world and create a much stronger bond with your own roots.


Peter Minkoff
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