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It’s a human thing to always measure our effectiveness; it is really a thing to ask yourself what you bring to the table from time to time. Whether you are working from home or from work, you sometimes wonder at the end of the day what you have achieved for different reasons on the spectrum of measuring your achievements for a promotion or just wanting to know what you spent your whole day doing. For these reasons, you might want to get your productivity in check. Here are some helpful ways you could try:

Draw Up A To-Do List: You are probably tired of hearing this tip but it really is the most important. This would help you be on top of all that it is that you need to get done. For this to be more effective, it helps if you write your task in order of priority, you can also rate priority levels if that helps further. Consider deadlines and length of each task.

Set Time For Each Task: Allocating time for each task gives you more time to focus on them individually. You could make use of your phone’s timer or a timer app to keep you on track.

Adopt The “Two-Minute Rule”: There is indeed a two-minute rule which implies that ‘if you see a task that can be completed in two minutes or less, you should get to it immediately’. It is very possible to forget doing this tasks when they are procrastinated because of how little they might seem to complete.

Work In 90-Minute Intervals: The brain deserves to rest and in reality, we really shouldn’t focus for a long period of time at a stretch. It is important to take breaks, exercise and change postures. This helps reduce the risk of stress and improves health.

Turn off Notifications: Mobile phones are humans biggest distractions these days, to get work done, it is advisable to block out every form of distraction so your tasks can have your full attention and you can finish it faster.

P.S.: it is also important to delegate task when you can, especially if you have capable hands. This will not only save you time but in the long run develop your subordinates in time for days you are not available. Also, when an email trail is getting too long, opt for telephone calls to speed up and finalise the process, emails should be brief and to the point.