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11 Feb


Staying original with your Valentine’s Day gifts each year can be a proper challenge, if we’re all being honest, especially if you are a big believer in celebrating the unofficial ‘holiday’. But all it takes to find the right gift for your loved one(s) is a little introspection and a helpful gift guide – just like this one.

Explore our top 15 suggestions of the best unusual, thoughtful and affordable presents:

Personalised Toblerone

Talk about a sweet treat! You can personalise the wrapper yourself by adding a photo and/or text of your choice – the ultimate personalised pressie this Valentine’s!

Group Dinner Date

Depending on lockdown restrictions in your region, gather up a small group of your favourite couple or uncoupled friends, enjoy some good food and conversation, and make sweet memories.

Cheeky Phone Case

A simple and thoughtful gift for the Instagram buff, who’s never more than three steps away from their mobile. It’ll give them something to smile/chuckle/laugh out loud at every time they see it.

Valentine’s Treat Box

You can simply put one together yourself – filled with their treasured treats – or have one ordered. Either way, they’ll be munching their way through Valentine’s Day and beyond!

Spa Gift Card

It’s been a hectic, stressful, emotional 12 months and literally everyone could use a little r&r right now. Now is the time to show your S.O. you appreciate their need to be taken care of.

Hair Care Kit

For the self-care devotee, you can’t go wrong with this present. They’ll have you to thank for awesome, healthy locks!

Amazon Gift Card

Don’t worry about a gift card looking impersonal; this is ideal when you can’t figure out what they would like or currently need. Let your Valentine decide for themselves and they’ll be grateful for it.

Music Subscription

What better present to give than the gift of great music – at no cost to them? Help the music buff in your life keep enjoying their tunes!

Gourmet Ice Cream Box

Did you know you can gift your loved one(s) with an ice cream subscription for anything from one month to quarter of the year! Check out what services offer this in your region and it’ll be delivered straight to their door.

Homemade Gift Basket

This is a wonderful opportunity to assemble the things your Valentine loves – from snacks and treats to their favourite beauty and care products. Plus, it’s extra personal and thoughtful!

Framed Photo

Way after the big V Day, your loved one will be able to stare at a lovely framed photo of the people, places or things they love – and that’s what we call a gift that keeps on giving.

Air Humidifier

This is always a wonderful present, no matter the time of year. Give the gift of therapy this Valentine’s Day and your S.O. will be all the better – and healthier – for it!

Scented Candle

Who doesn’t love to come home to the warm, welcoming smell of pinewood, lavender or cinnamon? The options are endless, plus this is a super affordable pressie.

SCHICK Magazine Subscription

There’s no better gift for the fashion lover in your life than a full year’s subscription of Africa’s #1 pan-African magazine! Get it here.


If all else fails, a cash gift could come to the rescue, but only provided you have a personal relationship with your Valentine.

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Titi Adesanya
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