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Kemi Owatemi, popularly known as “Kemi Smallz” [she is 5ft tall], is an on-air personality at Lagos’ lifestyle radio station, City FM, as well as a TV presenter at Ebony Life TV. She started her career at the age of 14, as a kid presenter for Tales Africa, Kiddies Island and Generation Next. Kemi Smallz also participated in the 2013 edition of the MTV VJ Search, emerging as one of the top 3 finalists from a pool of 3000 contestants.

#1 What’s the one thing people generally don’t know about working in the Nigerian media industry?

That it’s not all fast cars, champagne and nice parties. It’s a lot of hard work and serious business!

#2 What is the worst comment you’ve read on your Instagram photo?

Something about my camel toe looking like a penis, and I should be honest and tell everyone I was a guy before.

#3 What film do you wish would have a modern remake?


#4 The song no one would believe you have on your iPod is…

Some Indie music and Rock as well, like Bombay Bicycle Clubs ‘Feel’ or Alt Js ‘Left Hand Feel’.

#5 What’s the worst thing that has ever happened to you on the radio?

Man, I have to think about this… One time I called out my phone number instead of the official radio one on air (reflex)! Another time, I introduced a song and played another; random happenings like that.

#6 Tell us one hidden talent no one else knows about.

I dey dance o! I be correct stepper!

#7 Favourite thing to snack on?

Chicken or asun.

#8 What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Random people who carry me without my permission.

#9 Do you secretly have a favourite Nigerian artist?

Yes, but if I tell you, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore!

#10 What would a perfect holiday look like?

Nice cabin with a rustic feel, lots of movies, food, great scenery and good company.

#11 What food can you absolutely not stand?

Pounded yam and fried rice.

#12 What is the one fashion trend you would hate to see come back?


#13 Did you ever consider any other career(s)?

It’s always been the media industry.

#14 Favourite outdoor activity?

Being a pillion on a power bike, and just riding around (I really wish I could ride)! Does this count?

[Yes, yes, it does.]

#15 What 5 people would be on your Fantasy Dinner guest list?

Rihanna, Diddy, Jay Z, Angie Martinez and Ryan Seacrest. Or I could do: Dumbledore, Gandalf, Xavier, Magneto, and Wolverine! I can’t decide!

#16 What item in your closet can you not get enough of?

My flip flops.

#17 Heels or sneakers?


#18 Team Fit Fam or Team Say No To Diets?

Team I-eat-whatever-but-still-try-to-be-healthy. So it can’t be tagged as ‘Team Fit Fam’ and can’t be tagged as ‘Say No To Diets’ either.

#19 If you could change one thing about your life right now, what would it be?

How much money I currently have!

#20 One style secret every woman should know?

Confidence and carriage is everything.

#21 What’s the one thing you love to eat that everyone else finds nasty?

I don’t know if everyone else finds this nasty, but I absolutely love Ugba/Abacha, aka African salad!