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13 Jun


‘Tis the season for spending time with your friends and family so it’s time to book those much-needed vacations and weekend getaways. It’s also the season to build up your frequent flier miles. If you plan to do some traveling this festive season you can avoid the stereotypical travel outfit (T-shirt, jeans, backpack, and Birkenstocks) aesthetics—even though it is the safer route. Whether your in-flight strategy involves achieving maximum coziness or somehow managing to wear all the stuff that didn’t fit into your suitcase, your travel outfit should at the very least fulfill two basic principles. One: It should be comfortable enough that you don’t lose circulation or break out in hives after sitting for a few hours. Two: It should give an awesome first impression when you land — after all, it’s the first outfit you’re starting your vacation in.

Behold, the guide to traveling in style without looking like a tourist. Here are some of our inspiration for arriving at the airport in style. Who says you can’t look comfortable and chic?


Making sure you always remain stylish during your vacation requires you to pack a few staple and fashion-forward pieces. Sometimes, some of us ladies want to blend in with the locals in our destination instead of sticking out like the dirty backpacker sore thumbs we may or may not be. Packing a few key pieces can take a look from sloppy to classy.


It doesn’t need to be the entire contents of your bathroom back home, but a few key items, namely concealer, tinted lip balm, mascara, and eyeliner, can go a long way.


Don’t bring anything expensive that can’t be replaced, but instead bring statement pieces that can turn a basic jeans and t-shirt combination into an outfit.


We are the first to admit that deciding what shoes to bring on a trip is a nightmare. But they should always be comfy and practical first. I recommend a pair of sneakers, a pair of heels, and a pair of cute sandals.


All you really need is one pair of skinny jeans paired with a really pretty top to wear out as it’s befitting for both day and night. It goes with just about anything; a pair of sneakers, sandals, or heels.

Basic Tees & Tanks

Solid colors work best to add accessories like scarves and jewelry. Plus, you don’t have to worry if something happens to an inexpensive tank top. Tees and tanks are just about the easiest things to pack cause they are lightweight.


Bring a purse that you can carry essentials in and that will definitely complement your outfit.

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