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The 2020 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards is upon us! With several of our favourite stars from all around the continent nominated, there’s nothing but excitement in the air; however, the only thing that tops the celebration of our amazing film industry is, of course, the red carpet fashion.

Who doesn’t love the show of glamour, elegance and our wonderfully unique style? But before you get ready to shimmer and shine at the AMVCAs, this year (or the much talked-about after party), here’s a practical guide on how to absolutely stun whilst avoiding some of the most common fashion dilemmas.

The Nip Slip

This is possibly one of the most common red carpet mishaps. A photo taken from the side could reveal a bit of ‘side boob,’ or a wrong move could leave you exposed. A good bra with lots of support, a full coverage cup or wearing stretchy material could help prevent this.

Exposed Underwear

The wind is never really your friend – especially on the red carpet, in front of hundreds of photographers (and phone cameras)! If you’re not comfortable with the idea of showing too much skin, simply opt for panty hose or tights. Otherwise, ensure that any shapewear is well out of range of the slit and more importantly, practice sitting, standing and even dancing, at home before you leave.

Undersized Heels

Nothing is worse than a ‘toe overhang,’ where your toes don’t quite fit into your heels properly. This happens more frequently in high heels, but it can also happen in open-toe flats. If your toes are flapping out, you simply need a larger size.

Loose Labels

Make sure those clothes (and shoe!) labels are well tucked away before stepping out of the house/hotel room, to avoid the slight humiliation.

Sweat Patches

This is a red carpet nightmare, especially in warm, humid climates. To avoid being photographed with large sweat patches on your gorgeous outfit, shave your armpits, use topical antiperspirants and take a break in between showering and getting dressed. If sweat is something you particularly struggle with, opt for breathable, loose-fitting clothing.

Unshaven Armpits

Speaking of armpits, it’s always best to get a fresh shave the night before or a wax a few days prior to your red carpet debut (hair removal cream is also a great, pain-free option). Even if you’re not particularly keen on bare pits, they generally add to an overall clean and classy look.

Too Much Highlighter

Find that either you or your makeup artist applied too much highlighter for that ultra glowy look? No worries, there’s a quick fix for this.

  1. Start with a makeup removing wipe or a cotton ball with a little bit of makeup remover on it
  2. Gently dab the areas where you applied too much highlighter, whilst avoiding taking off too much makeup
  3. Stop when you start getting closer to the desired highlight you want

Now say cheese!

See some of the best-dressed celebrities from the 2018 AMVCAs:

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