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Music has been a source of inspiration for fashion’s changing trends for quite a while. Despite borrowing influences from music, fashion has over the years, been perceived almost as important as the music it sometimes draws reference from, therefore creating subcultures and movements straight off the runway and into stores globally.

This season, Style House Files, as Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week approaches, is delving deeper into fashion and music collaborations with the birth of Music X Fashion.

On the 12th of September 2017 in London, Selfridges in collaboration with Style House Files will debut a capsule collection by one of Africa’s greatest music exports, Davido, and Orange Culture, a LFDW Young Designer alumni and LVMH Award finalist, at its High End Department Store as part of the Selfridges new season “Music Matters at Selfridges” campaign.

Music X Fashion explores the tribes that collaborations between music and fashion can create, the expression of creativity that’s constant and experimentation pioneered through icons that straddle.

Known to explore inextricable cultural intersections between fashion and music, Selfridges recently launched the ‘Music Matters at Selfridges’ campaign. Building on this momentum, Selfridges welcomes Davido and Orange Culture to its menswear floor for an exclusive unveiling of the collection to its esteemed clients.

Davido is unarguably one of the biggest artists on the African continent exporting his music to a growing afrobeats loving audience. The capsule collection will feature pieces inspired by Davido’s hit song, IF! with the focus to create easy, ready-to-wear pieces that will be loved by fans of Selfridges, Davido and of-course Orange Culture.

Davido x Orange Culture will debut in Selfridges, London on the 12th of September 2017.