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15 Mar


Attending the prestigious Lagos polo tournament hosted by luxury champagne brand Verve Clicquot this weekend? Don’t worry we’ve got some outfits and style inspiration to keep you looking glam and grandeur.

The dress code for this event is Audaciously colorful and we’ve come up with bright and colorful looks to fit the occasion.

A bright orange bodycon dress paired with gold accessories and a champagne fascinator. This look is bright, prim and elegant for the occasion.

A striking red bandeau jumpsuit paired with colorful complementing accessories. This look is perfect for that extra attention especially with the red lips and baroque head band.

White is always right! The perfect dress code for elegance is a white lace dress. If you’re not audacious enough for bright colors, a white dress paired with a touch of colorful accessories can be your go to.

A colorful maxi dress paired with flats and a straw hat. If you want to look elegant and comfortable at the same time, a maxi dress should be your outfit of choice for this event.

Black should not be an option for this event however, If you’re thinking of wearing black make sure you accessories with as many colors as possible.

Hannah Ayilaran

Hannah is SCHICK magazine's fashion business manager. She is a business development enthusiast with a pure love for fashion. Having studied Engineering Business Management at the University of Warwick, her passion for continuous development has been channeled into the media world taking on various business challenges one day at a time.

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