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8 Feb


Maryam Salam is a student, founder and lifestyle content creator at ‘The Blogger Point’a top blogger’s agency and platform in Nigeria. Fashion to her is more than garments, but a visual expression of her personality. She has taken it upon herself to use her style to inspire other young Muslim females looking to stay fashionable without compromising their modest lifestyle. Most of her fashion and style inspiration comes from street-style observation, fashion magazines and fashion websites or blogs. In five years time, she hopes to have established ‘The Blogger Point’ to be the leading influencer and marketing agency in Nigeria while she continues to personally use her influence and style to inspire not just Muslim females, but every individual to follow their creative dreams and believe in themselves without limitations or doubts.

In this “My Chic Style Feature” we speak to Maryam on current trends, budget buys and style advice, enjoy!

Q.1: Describe your style in 3 words.

Contemporary, Minimalism and Trendy

Q.2: Who are your style icons?

Kim Kardashian: I think she really understands her body and knows what best suit her. She can literally rock anything.

Q.3: What is your favourite item in your closet?

Definitely, have to be my Hijabs now.

Q.4: Trademark accessory?

I love my bags

Q.5: If you could only wear one designer the rest of your life who would it be?

That needs to be Alexander Wang: Clean cuts, minimal and fresh designs

Q.6: What would you never wear?

Neon coloured leggings. It should be banned

Q.7: If you could choose a celebrity closet to shop in, whose would it be and why?

Again Kim Kardashian. She is very minimal yet classy and sophisticated.

Q.8: Everyone loves a good deal, what are some of your favourite places to find budget buys? What items do you feel are worth splurging on?

Zara sales period is a great time to get good bargains. I literally have a calendar of all their sales date throughout the year. I personally think shoes, bags and blazers are worth splurging on.

Q.9: What trends are you loving right now? Which trends do you want to see disappear?

Well, I am loving beret trend.

Q.11: What’s the best style advice you’ve received?

“Wear what you love regardless of the trends or prices”
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Photography Courtesy:
Maryam Salam
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