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And the list goes on, continuing from the first part of the Pan African designers showcasing at ARISE Fashion Week kicking off today. You will be amazed by what these designers have to offer to the table and gear up for the runway showcases as we introduce these designers.

Quiteria & George from South Africa

Quiteria & George

Quiteria & George is a luxury fashion brand behind the management of couture techniques in form of moving architectures, structured silhouettes and intricate handwork details, with solely Africa in mind as their true source of inspiration. Quiteria & George designs have been eminently worn by celebrities for most red carpet moments. Design elements like elaborate trimmings, fluidity, and sheer bliss are Quitera & George aesthetics that we believe they are bringing to ARISE.

Rich Mnisi from South Africa

rich mnisi

A South African based contemporary fashion brand, Rich Mnisi embodies a global view of providing designs for any self-improving market. It is a  young brand that takes on the exploration of idea concepts engraved and hidden within Africa in a combination of the world cultures and its unique heritage. This brand is represented as an extremist yet, with a minimalist style that takes design and craftsmanship as the first and foremost motivation. Rich Mnisi’s interest goes into the world of pop culture and he has been able to maintain a contemporary vision for his brand.

Rokus London from Ivory Coast

rockus london

Rockus London is a brand that creates quirky and elegant sculptural pieces by infusing ancient African culture and sculptural arts with modern fashion. Originating from a country where jewellery is flamboyant, Ivory Coast and her life influences while staying in London, Paris, Switzerland and her notable Baule heritage, Marie Paule who owns Rokus London has paid so much attention to detail while making her bold jewellery line.

Thebe Magugu from South Africa

thebe magugu

Thebe Magugu is a ready to wear contemporary brand you definitely want to pull pieces from. This South African brand provides a collection for the smart and sleek looking woman. Seen on Thebe Magugu at the South African Film and Television Awards, her designs are motifs of past African history and they are constantly seeking new ways of presenting women in clothing that enhance their body figure.

Chularp Suwannapha from South Africa

chularp suwannapha

Chularp Suwannapha is the man behind this eponymous South African brand and nicknamed as the ‘prince of prints’. His designs are mostly worked with African waxed prints and he creates his own knits. His main purpose is to celebrate Africa as a continent by representing African inspired ideas through prints. With his Asian background, he still finds ways to make an influence in the growth of African fashion, he has been able to easily conform to his diversities, with the idea of not sticking to one culture as he mixes cultural differences. Seen in his design are multicoloured, varied textures, zingy patterns, and layering in African print fabric which defines the brands DNA.

Gavin Rajah from South Africa

gavin rajah

Gavin Rajah is a South African couture brand that refines high-quality craftsmanship and sophisticated glamour who pays so much attention to detail like hand beading and different form of couture art. The South African brand as behind every woman’s dream evening dress and one that has the best exquisite finishing to gaze at. You sure will want evening pieces from Gavin Rajah after seeing their runway showcase.

Orapeleng Module from South Africa

orapleng module

Orapeleng Module is a South African womenswear brand with a vision of good retail set up by the value of design products they offer. You might be wondering what kind of piece you will find from Orapeleng Module? Well, products ranging from bridal wears, evening gowns, basically anything couture. This brand has shown so much opulence in their design and he’s being labelled the king of couture in South Africa. 

Koki Kamala from Botswana

koki kamala

Koki Kamala is a Kenyan based fashion brand owned by Kokeb Zemed. The brand is constantly evolving with time and looking for new approaches to express their love for fashion, with the ambition of modernizing the traditional wear in Kenya and Ethiopia. Seen in their collections are colourful pieces and a flair of authenticity. Expect no less from this brand that is fuelled by the East African culture for creativity and we are all curious about what to see from Koki Kamala at Fashion Week.

Lakhanyo Mdingi from South Africa

lukhanyo mdingi

Lukhanyo Mdingi is a South African brand that aims to show more on cross-cultural influences and traditional designs. Reflecting contemporary designs of African aesthetics and its heritage. This brand produces finely cut and refined pieces that are distinct and powerful, with a flair of timeless elegance and sophistication to it and you will find long-lasting pieces from Lakhanyo Mdingi.

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