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14 Jul


If Lagos were a man, he would be a fun spirited man like Denola Grey with a fashion identity of lush silky tops and contrasting pants. His alternative music playlist would be Odunsi, Blackmagic, LadyDonli and Clay because he is not basic. His physique self-controlled with yoga.

If Lagos were a man, his name would be Ikoyi. His apartment having an urban canvas vibe. Sandalwood scent. After years of tertiary education, he wishes he has some millions lying around to purchase a house at least close to an empty apartment owned by an elite yet to decide a date for a housewarming party in Banana Island.

If Lagos were a man, his Canon would be hanging around his neck shooting clients with his lens in his studio, lacking a regular job. He would later sit on his donkey bench drinking a cup of coffee, later get lost in his “Tapisu” painting inspired by his sister’s name.

If Lagos were a man, he would date Abuja, the glamorous girl with Hausa accent. Her hair is wavy texture, always styled in a ponytail. Fashion identity of an effortless urban chic. Casual and neat effect. Her skin, a cup of coffee without milk. Her eyes the colour of “yaaji“.

If Lagos were a man, he would be allergic to pancakes and anything with cinnamon. He would say “it irritates my bowel walls”. He would be a part-time vegetarian. He would eat beans and grilled fish which he cooked himself. He would cook and eat his noodles, squeezing generous lemon on it. He would eat Egusi with rice.

If Lagos were a man, his friends would visit on a Friday night, play games with a box of pizza and Aminu’s suya and buzz of course. He would go out with his friends, stopped at the checkpoint. They would later hang out at “The place”, spot few models and socialites, invite them for a shoot.

If Lagos were a man, he would be in his bed exhausted, she, beside him, naked under the duvet. His hand on her full breast and amber areola, touching her erect nipples.

If Lagos were a man, Abuja wouldn’t be his only girlfriend.

Next week: If Abuja were a lady…

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Fatima Allahnanan Mohammed

My name is Fatima Allahnanan in my 20s. I wear Andrea Iyamah in the morning, Sisiano in the afternoon and LDA in the night. I am an accounting graduate and a certified fashion designer trying to find balance overall and one day leave the world better than I met it.

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