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16 Mar


It’s a neon frenzy and we can’t stop now! Animal print was the go-to trend for winter and neon is proving to be the vibe for spring but taking it up a notch is the neon infused with animal print trend. Our favorite bloggers and fashionistas are giving us major Inspo on the TL and we can’t stop vibing to the wave of neon.

Just incase you are ready to stop traffic in neon, here is how:

Just like @monldn start small with just one highlight of neon in your outfit.


Take it up a notch with more than one highlight of neon in your outfit like @aichata_toure01 did.


Feeling sexy and racy? perplex heels and neon is a match made in fashion heaven as seen on @_thisisamina


Shades of Neon! @idesign8 is just a baddie in this neon ensemble paired with emerald green. Peep at the neon toenail polish! *swerve*


Go hard or go home! Take a page from the one and only baby girl for lifeee! Toke Makinwa takes the crown for infusing neon with animal print.


Hannah Ayilaran

Hannah is SCHICK magazine's fashion business manager. She is a business development enthusiast with a pure love for fashion. Having studied Engineering Business Management at the University of Warwick, her passion for continuous development has been channeled into the media world taking on various business challenges one day at a time.

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