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By now, your closet is likely a solid mix of pieces from fast-fashion powerhouses you picked up in a last-minute panic, trusty designer investments you made years ago, and still, don’t regret, thrift finds you bought just because they were cheap, and maybe even some hand-me-downs from your BFF. But with a new year comes the perfect time to shift your attention to the items (and the designers behind them) that will make your wardrobe feel fresh again. A slew of new brands entered our fashion vernacular, taking place front and centre on our wardrobe racks. We showcase four fashion brands, from swimwear to accessory, which we have come to love. Just prepare to make room for all of them in your closet and wonder how you’ve lived without them till now.

Alternative Fashion: Busayo NYC

Busayo NYC offers African fashion exquisitely made with ready-to-wear beautiful contemporary prints. This brand is sure to brighten up your wardrobe with the vivid colours and geometric patterns of traditional African Prints.

Accessories: Fanm Djanm

Fanm Djanm, which means “strong woman” in Haitian Kreyol, was founded in 2014 as a collection of eight headwraps, which Paola sold directly from her apartment on the weekends. Today, Fanm Djanm has transformed into a headwrap, jewellery and clothing collection and lifestyle brand that serves to both empower and inspire women to live boldly. Fanm Djanm encourages women to wear a bold print, take command of a room, laugh a little too loudly, and pursue their greatest goals.

Swimwear: BFYNE


BFyne is owned by Nigerian fashion designerBuki Ade and is a brand strongly inspired by colour and ethnic cultures. BFyne is popularly recognized for its eccentric and unique take on swimwear, using cuts inspired by an array of African cultures. The brand caters to females across borders looking to rock a fabulous piece to an event or an edgy bathing suit on a steamy vacation.

Shoes: Tavia P.

Tavia P. Shoes is a collection that celebrates the independent, everyday woman who is anything but ordinary. Designed in the USA, and crafted using only the finest leathers sourced from France and Italy their Instagram-worthy shoes are inspired by popular and underground cultures. When you slip into a pair of Tavia P. Shoes, you will find timeless, ladylike style with a hint of grit- perfect for embarking on an adventure where anything you can imagine is real.

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