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There are those days when every outfit you put together looks kind of blah. When no matter what you put on, something’s missing. This is where go-to accessories come in. Just one can turn a look from dull to stunning in the time it takes to close a clasp, grab a bag or tuck the edges of a scarf. We have four pieces that consistently save uninspired looks or take the already fabulous look up a notch. These are the accessories you’ll use, and love, and can feel comfortable splurging on — the ones you want to have around in an emergency.

A classic watch

Ago. Black watch £69.99

A clean and classy black strap watch is a must-have for any wardrobe because it is a simple and chic accessory you can throw on and immediately look more refined. Whether smart or casual this timepiece excels in any environment.

A cool pair of sunglasses

Dapmod Spiral Mirrored Glasses ₦7,000.00

Sunglasses can completely change up your look! Even if you’re wearing a casual outfit, a cool pair of sunglasses ties together any look. Sleek frames are inherently cool and offer a polished touch, no matter the season and these round eye spiral glasses are for fun, totally fierce ladies, it’s is a great add-on to your closet staple!

Statement Earrings

Raya Oversize Drop Earrings ₦17,000

You already own hoops and the classic studs, but there are many outfits which could benefit from earrings that speak a little louder. These could be anything from bold gemstones to diamond dangles. Look for earrings that combine delicateness with a little drama for that amazing look.

A fashionable mini bag

Shop Maju Tito Mini Purse₦9, 000

When you feel like your tote bag is too big but your clutch is too small, a mini bag is a perfect solution. In an attention-grabbing style and colour, this portable handbag packs a stylish punch.

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