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In case you didn’t know Fashion week has left the shores of New York, London, Milan and Paris and has made its way to the shores of Africa! Kicking off with  AFI Cape Town Fashion Week from today to the 24th, then Lagos Fashion Week will be taking over on the 23rd in Lagos Nigeria, followed by ARISE Fashion Week from the 30th to Fashions Finest Epic Show happening in May, Fashion is global and Africa is a part of it! With fashion week comes street style fashion and the SCHICK Team is not missing out on any of the action.  A great outfit needs a killer bag to complete the look; it has to be easy to carry around while still getting all the looks on FROW. We picked some amazing bags from African designers (of course) that you need to be rocking for fashion week. These are the bags worthy to be taken around:

Marte Egele.

Marte Egele

This pink ‘Ese’ mini flap bag will fulfil all your accessory needs, with highlights of a triangular flap and a leather stitched bar for opening, it’s not just a cute pink bag. With a geometric minimalistic style to it, this bag adds a much-needed burst of colour to your outfit during the day, make sure you accessorize with gold or jewellery to finish up your fashion week look. This impeccable hand candy can be shopped on their website here.

Femi handbag

Femi Handbag

This cute mini bag made waves throughout London fashion week, thus making it accessory worthy. It is a beautifully constructed masterpiece designed with a splash of colour combinations and a punch of flower power on it. With a risky and eclectic artisanal excellence, this box bag can be rocked with an edgy look and you’re good to go! Buy now here.



With its dull shading tone, this croc textured bag has a detail that will totally kill any type of outfit. Morin-o has a very fabulous range of coloured bags with a textured flair that’s just perfect for your not-so-typical girl. If you are a plain bag addict you will definitely want to break all savings rules and purchase this! Grab one at morin-o.com



You know you’re packing light and chic with this red Zashadu bag. A bag like this characterizes the exploration between tension, quiet elegance and unabashed glamour. Sling this over your shoulder during fashion week, toss in your necessities for the day and strut your imaginary runway. Glam up your look with sunglasses as it gives an electrifying force for fashion week. Available here.

Okiki Marinho

okiki marinho

This bag features hard leather exterior and cloth interior with fur details at the front and on the side, adding up a posh look are the chain handles to easily hang this exceptional bag over your shoulders. The good thing is that this bag comes in shades of blue hues which we find particularly reviving to have a bag that is big enough to take your phone and make-up & essentials, yet small enough to look absolutely adorable. Purchase now here.



Happiness is having a leather crafted bag with a touch of African batik, with great quality and very affordable at the same time. Oeclat is handmade with love, and you can definitely feel it. Style this up with a few African inspired pieces in your closet during the day, and it’s even a perfect after-party arm item worthy for that Friday feeling. Now available at www.oeclat.com

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