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Shoes are an important way of expressing our style and our fashion sense and hence everyone needs a nice pair of shoes that don’t just look good but feel good and of course are durable. With the success of international brands such as Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Miu Miu, and more the shoe-making world has grown immensely and has everyone stepping up their game.

Simple and yet sophisticated, Nigeria is among Africa’s leaders in the footwear industry, as there are plenty of designers making beautiful and practical shoes. Learn about the most prominent shoe designers in Nigeria and find your new favourite pair of designer shoes!


T.T.DALK is a premium brand where simplicity, elegance, and style converge to form a perfect brand, built with a fashion-conscious intelligence on the current trends in leather accessories, footwear, apparel, and crafts.

Hesey Designs

Hesey Designs is an African-inspired fashion label that makes beautiful handcrafted shoes, apparel and fashion accessories (bags, purses etc.).

Gafa Sandals

Gafasandals, is a locally made footwear produced in Nigeria, founded in 2015 by Grace Alex. Gafa sandals started out as a passion for creativity and is gradually growing to be people’s favourite.

Kene Rapu

The Ankara footwear brand was set up in October 2011, by female entrepreneur Kene Rapu. It was launched as an initiative to promote the development of Nigerian fashion industry by providing employment and support for indigenous producers.

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