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5 Feb


Heading out to Social Media Week, here are 5 items you should not leave your house without:

  1. Business Card: The Social Media Week would attract different people from different works of life. It is an opportunity to broaden your knowledge and network. You might find your next client there!
  2. C.V.: As stated above, different people would be present at the Social Media Week and you really do not know who you might meet, CEO to your dream company or HR? it is best not to take chances and be prepared.
  3. Dress Smart Casual: The age-long saying “Dress how you would like to be addressed” applies to this situation because of the people you would be meeting. You don’t want to discuss business deals in ripped jeans.
  4. Power Bank: Keep your phone battery up, you would need your phone to exchange contacts or send mails on the spot!
  5. Bottle of Water: You would want to stay hydrated through the event.

Finally, make sure you are ready to sell yourself on the spot and listen to learn a thing on two!

Titi Adesanya
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