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23 Jul


Being hunkered down at home probably means you have a lot more time to do what you want — including exhausting everything on your Netflix to-watch list, but if you happen to be itching to revisit a classic TV show or watch one of these #oldiesbutgoodies for the first time, here is a quick guide on shows that you can stream right now:

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is considered as one of the most acclaimed shows of the modern age. Starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, the show managed to last five seasons before bowing out. Given how well-received it was, it’s not really surprising that there are Breaking Bad-influenced establishments still popping up, including a restaurant inspired by scenes from the show.

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Despite being off the air for almost two decades now, Friends remains a favourite with audiences across the globe. And while Netflix in the U.S. has lost the series, here in Africa, long-time fans can continue to rewatch the classic episodes while new fans are able to get a newfound love towards the show.

That Friends continues to find new audiences isn’t surprising, seeing how it has expanded far beyond TV. The show is now likely known to many younger fans as an online game. With an official title on Foxy Games showcasing significant icons from the series, those who grew up in the internet age have been able to experience the show on their own terms. Afterwards, they can watch the actual show on Netflix. There are even cafes that exist to mimic the iconic, as well as hundreds of independent artists who create Friends-inspired apparel and accessories.

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Twilight Zone

If you want some good ‘ol fashioned spookiness, check out the Twilight Zone. Many seem to think that it’s “too old to be scary”, but there’s a reason why many modern shows are inspired by it. Known as the OG Black Mirror, it’s basically an anthology of mystical tales featuring people that attempt to solve their problems using rather absurd ways. And while there is currently a revival of the show, nothing beats the classic.

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Grey’s Anatomy

One can argue that Grey’s Anatomy isn’t considered a classic given how it’s still on air, but as the longest-running medical dramas on primetime television, it will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the greats. To say that this show is an emotional rollercoaster is putting it lightly. The trials and tribulations of Meredith Grey and the Seattle Grace crew keep viewers asking for more. With the love stories being the main selling point, fans have even tried to replicate the grand gestures featured on the show. If you haven’t yet experienced the power of McDreamy, now is the time to.

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