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For the ever wondering bookworms searching for the next source of knowledge to digest, here are top suggestions from the editors at SCHICK:

About the book: Evolve gives a peek into the world from the eyes of a 17-year-old, while exploring several topics such as mental health, faith and inter-personal relationships and how the media influences the perspective of feminine beauty, gender inequality and other global issues.

About the Author: 17-year-old Oluwaseyi Kikiowo is a Nigerian girl based in the U.K. An aspiring Pharmacist, currently in Pre-College who is passionate about improving the quality of live was inspired to write about her perspective of life so far. She believes EVOLVE will provoke in-depth conversations about faith and the various pillars of the world in need of re-evaluation. Available on Evolve.

About the book: Black Sunday – Twin sisters Bibike and Ariyike are faced with the quest of identity and survival after their mother loses her job and their father gambles away their home.

About the Author: Nigerian Author based in Iowa City, Tola Rotimi Abraham is currently pursuing a journalism graduate degree and has taught writing at the University of Iowa, she is also a graduate of the Iowa Writer’s Workshop. Available on Amazon.

About the book: A Black Woman Did That – Malaika uses this book to celebrate black women who have changed the world through their accomplishments

About the Author: Malaika Adero works with writers and organizations developing and promoting books. She is the co-author of The Mother of Black Hollywood with Jenifer Lewis. She is the editor of Up South (The New Press), an anthology of writings and photographs on the Great Migration. Available on Amazon.

About the book: Nairobi Noir is a collection of stories from different authors from Nairobi, giving an insight into the diversity of the city.

About the Author: Peter Kimani started his career as a journalist and is the author of several works of fiction and poetry. He was one of only three international poets commissioned by National Public Radio to compose and present a poem to mark Barack Obama’s inauguration in January 2009. Available on Amazon