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Olivier Rousteing has demonstrated to the world that the millennials are capable of taking over all the diligent work in the industry and it’s been over seven years he was given the role of a creative director at Balmain House and he has never flopped in conveying incredible attention to detail, fit and concise finishing that will stun you to gaze.

The brand feel has been noted to be edgy, sexy, elegant and luxurious. This collection evidently looked not much like the things Olivier Rousteing would create on a normal note but rooting inspiration from what the forefather of the brand did way back has made many ponder “who would be the ideal couture woman of this brand?”

For the past few years, we’ve seen how well the brand has taken innovative twists with the use of denim, velvet, leather ensembles notwithstanding he went as far as creating sculptural designs, overstated pleats, sleeves, hats and yes the fashion trend we told you to detect this 2019.

The shading choice and mix of various fabrics like silk, chiffon, beads, waisted belt with an introduction of the brand newly changed logo on its accessory made everything dreamlike. In all genuineness, we can’t wait to spot these custom pieces at Met gala or any red carpet moments.  Which celebrity woman will you see stunning in these ensembles?

Photo Credit: British Vogue