When it comes to embracing a range of colour, size, scale, and style, Vera Wang acknowledges her desire to curate diversity, versatility and individuality within the bridal vernacular and fashion as a whole. For Spring 2019, Wang is dipping back into an inspiration that she’s familiar with, and that resulted in a CFDA award in 2005–Flemish painters (think Vermeer’s Girl With a Pearl Earring). While the colour palette of her 12-piece Spring 2019 Bride collection may seem like it’s derived from a highlight reel of her bridal seasons past (Wang has debuted gowns in nude, black, scarlet, plum, violet and more in bridal seasons past to much industry controversy), this season feels different.

According to Wang, her techniques may appear to be “piles of tulle,” but given that tulle is a signature for this label, she knows how to work it. Per Vera, it was about “seeing which layers should be layered on top of one another, which colours should go under which layers,” she explained. “It’s way more studied than just a full skirt. Rather than a ballgown or princess tulle–I wanted a sense of movement.” Even with her uses of bridal white (or lack thereof), Wang is happy to take risks–but the brands use of colour for bridal is not unique to this season. The newness of Spring 2019 lies in how the colours sit and work together, while still feeling light, airy and unpretentious. “There is always nude involved–it’s like underwear or skin–mixed with colour. Not just one red or plum or purple, but nuances of colour,” she says. Click on the gallery for the stunning lookbook.

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