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THE GOAL: “To have an impact on today’s media”

THE PERSONALITY OF SCHICK: SCHICK is cool, hip, top-notch, always on trend, tasteful and above all chic. It’s friendly, welcoming and approachable.

We believe…

  • True style does not have a price tag.
  • Those that mix high-end clothes with inexpensive pieces are the ones with the SCHICK factor.
  • In age-appropriate fashion – it’s the only way to go.
  • In chasing your own definition of cool and not the new cool.
  • In fashion and all its delightful disparities: upmarket and downmarket; exclusive and inclusive; witty and serious; craft and commerce.

CORE VALUES THAT MAKE UP OUR CULTURE @ SCHICK:  Respect, attention to detail, innovation, commercialising, enthusiasm, fun, principles, adventure, loyalty & commitment.