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14 Sep


In an interview with CNN presenter, Arit Okpo, Afro Pop giant, Tiwa Savage bares all on her career, passions and using her influence to elevate other women. Having recently released her latest album, Celia, the singer-songwriter continues to take the global music scene by storm.

“I’ve always wanted to be on a global market and [my record deal with Universal Music Group] has just given me a bigger platform than what I had before. […] Being signed to a record label in America is a huge deal for me.” Speaking on the goal behind the new album, she says, “I wanted songs from a female perspective and I wanted great Afrobeat rhythm. I wanted us to be open to experiment and try great sounds and that’s exactly what we did.”

Tiwa opens up on several subjects, from emigrating to the UK at 11 years old and the need for better female representation on the Afrobeats music scene, but her comments on female empowerment and the need for social change – especially in Africa – stand out most. “I’m just a human being and I feel like I don’t understand how anybody would wake up and see something like that [sexual assault, HIV, Breast Cancer, etc.) and not be moved, and not feel some type of way about the injustice.” That led Tiwa to kick off the #WeAreTired campaign that went on to become a movement, and then a foundation.

“I felt: This is sick. In 2020, this can’t be happening. So, I tweeted a few things and I was like: I am tired. We are tired. What else can we do to be heard? […] And to me, I just felt like: Oh my goodness Tiwa, you can’t just stop here, you have to keep going because a lot of people now are happy that you’re using your platform to speak on things they weren’t able to themselves.

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Tiwa also touches on maintaining her original sound despite becoming increasingly popular across the global, as well as paving the way for African female artists.

Watch the full interview here.

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