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Star Wars actor and BAFTA winner, John Boyega will join Poppy Delevingne and Karen Elson as an ambassador for the proudly British perfume and scented candle brand, Jo Malone London. Boyega will be the first man to be initiated into the JML family, announcing that there is an “exciting collaboration” on the way.


“I love the creativity and storytelling element of Jo Malone London. It’s something I resonate with; it’s how I work best. With discussion, collaboration and down to earth honesty,” Boteya says.

But does he have a favourite Jo Malone scent? When asked, the award-winning English actor said, “Bronze Wood & Leather Cologne is a solid favourite of mine. I like that I can change up my scent to suit my style. […] If my life was a bottle of cologne it would be called: Conflicts and Success. A new Boyega line.”

When it came to deciding on a new ambassador, it was important to the brand to collaborate with a true Londoner – which Boyega proudly is. “A born and bred Londoner, John is intelligent, inclusive and witty,” the company’s global president, Jean-Guillaume Trottier said. “He shares our core values of generosity and creativity and is unafraid to speak his mind. His vivacity and whole-heartedness make him a wonderful fit with Jo Malone London and I am delighted to welcome him to the family.”