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Definitely controversial, this neon colour might not be everyone’s vibe. Every so often a new ‘It’ colour emerges. We were deep into the pastels for a while with dusty pink and mellow yellow, so much so I feared stronger hues might fade into the background altogether. But it seems one popping colour is on its way onto our bodies, shoes and even hair! Need a hint?
This week it was affirmed, slime green is it. Kim Kardashian made it so, and there is now absolutely no way to stop this runaway train. Unless you think neon lime green is a vibe. Which, might very soon well be the case for me too. I just need some more time, I suppose. Kim wore this dress to a wedding and naturally upstaged everyone.
But then, we noticed that her sis Kourtney K has also taken a liking to slime green…And then, suddenly, it was everywhere…
SZA’s hair
Blake Lively in Versace…
Kylie Kardashian
Those that are feeling adventurous can combine the neon trend with fall’s other big trend, animal print — like Rita Ora’s Tom Ford look
And fashionable people everywhere are in agreement.
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