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30 Jun


Back in 2010, Social Media Day was launched by popular digital media website, Mashable, to recognise and celebrate the impact that social media has had on how we communicate. “Through the various social platforms, we’re able to connect with friends, make new friends, facilitate business, and grow our networks on a global scale,” wrote content marketer and blogger, Mike Allton of Agora Pulse.

So how do you celebrate? By uploading a photo, using the hashtag or writing a blog post? Whilst all those are a good idea, today is also a good opportunity to reflect on how we use social media in our career and business lives.

Here are some key suggestions on how to use Twitter, one of the world’s highest-ranking social media apps, to your professional advantage:

Social Recruiting

In terms of recruiting, Twitter is the way to go. There are over 330 million Twitter users, and over 145 million of those users generate about 500 million tweets every day. If that doesn’t grab your attention, I don’t know what will.

It can be very productive to use Twitter to engage and build relationships with a large talent pool and there is the added advantage of Twitter interactions being seen as less intrusive and more social, compared to other forms of communication such as emails, texts and phone calls. It pays to go where people are!

Business and Marketing

Smart businesspeople utilise Twitter not only to interact with their target audience but also to build their company’s brand and create leads. From bloggers, who use the social network to drive traffic to their sites, to businesses that use Twitter to advertise their products and services, it’s a great business and marketing tool.


Who thought you could use Twitter to help keep students on track? Indeed, you can. One of the simplest and easiest ways teachers now use Twitter for education is creating a feed dedicated to assignment due dates, tests, quizzes and the like. It can also be used to help students decide on career paths, by setting up a ‘Twitter for Education’ list and following and monitoring feeds which are relevant to their career ambitions.

Customer Service

These days, a good number of companies respond to customers quicker on social media than through more traditional means. Sick of waiting on hold for half an hour? Or being passed around every possible department within the building? Want to save money on calls or fuel? Try sending the organisation a tweet instead – and you are more likely to get attended to relatively quickly.

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Kunmi Odueke
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