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17 Oct


With the dry season fast approaching, the dusty wind that blows between November to March has a history of being unfriendly to the skin and the hair. The air is particularly dry and desiccating leaving us with nothing but chapped lips, ashy skin, coarse hair that snaps easily, and a terrible cold. But not to worry, we are saving you the stress of worry and drying out with these reliable essentials for the dry season.

  1. Water

    Water is an ultimate beauty essential, whether in a cold or hot weather. The harmattan season comes with a lot of dryness and as a result, you need to increase your intake of water so as to stay hydrated.

  2. Lip Balm/Chapstick

    There’s nothing cute about chapped lips and may lead to ugly blisters and matte lipsticks just won’t cut it in this season. Always keep this in your purse or your back pocket as lip balms are lip savers as they help to keep the lip moisturized, heals and protects the lips from being chapped.

  3. Body oil/Hand Cream

    Say goodbye to dry skin by always carrying along a bottle of body oil or hand cream to keep your skin moisturized. It’s wise to always keep with you a portable body moisturizer as it comes handy.

  4. Hair Serum/Hair Oil

    Even our weaves and natural hair needs some attention too. We spend a lot of money on weaves and so during the harmattan, taking proper care of the hair should be a priority. The hair serum gives weaves some shine and also helps to lock in moisture. Also, note to never leave your hair undone and if you do, combat dryness and brittleness using a leave-in-conditioner for moisture.


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Adaeze Oguzie
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