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The tears came as soon as I saw my reflection in the mirror. It was 2004, the afternoon of my senior prom, and against my better seventeen-year-old judgment, I had accepted my first full-face makeover. But instead of undergoing a chic transformation, I wound up looking like a clown. A clown with conspicuously pale, cakey skin. I burst out of the room and sprinted the entire half-mile home, disappointed to have my prom-night dreams dashed and my fears about makeup in general confirmed: It was not for girls who looked like me. It would be almost a full decade before any foundation touched my skin again.

U.K. based Nigerian, Sharon Chuter recollects the shattering moment on the day of her prom, 15 years ago, which can also be described as the birth of an uprising for this beauty Veteran. Conversations regarding diversity in beauty products have been happening a lot recently, from beauty blogger Jackie Aina, sharing her experience and lending her voice in support of every woman of colour with interests in the beauty industry to Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty releasing a 40 shade foundation line.

Sharon believes that although other beauty brands have begun to include darker shade ranges to their products, they have been shallow with it; she says “As a person of colour, I was looking at it and there was no depth to it — it was shallow. Everybody was looking for quick wins — shades is a quick win”

With this in mind, Sharon Chuter has gone ahead to create her own beauty brand called Uoma (beautiful in the Igbo Language) Beauty, this beauty brand is set to produce a 50 shade range foundation, bold lipsticks, brightening concealers and eye shadow palettes. The line would be launched on the 17th of April at Selfridges and become available online at ulta.com and uoma.com on April 26 and 200 Ulta Beauty stores on May 3.

Source: https://www.pressreader.com/