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From Cuppy, to Katy Perry, pink hair is bang-on-trend right now, and for a good reason – it’s so cute. Everyone is thinking pink! But before you dye your hair (natural or extensions) pink, or get rosé-coloured braids woven in, here’s what you ought to know first.

The process

As tempting as it is to purchase hair dye, click on a few YouTube tutorial videos, and DIY this pink hair job, don’t do it. Find a salon that specialises in hair-colouring, as the natural pigment in your hair often needs to be completely bleached and stripped before the pink dye is applied. (You want the best, right?)

The upkeep

You might not know this, but crayola shades tend to fade faster than more natural-looking hints. So, to maintain a sharp colour, avoid any conditioners or shampoos that contain sulfates, as they could strip the pink colour. Instead, swap your regular bottles for a colour-depositing conditioner and wash your hair with cold water, to avoid fading.

Also be aware that bleach often makes your hair thinner, easier to break, and knottier. Try to avoid frequent washes and excessive heat styling, as it adds to whatever damage your hair is already dealing with.

The after

Ensure to crosscheck with your HR manager(s) before heading to the salon to get that new look, will you? While if you work in a creative environment, a pink mane most likely won’t come across as too unusual, in the corporate world, it could be frowned upon. In that case, you could try to mix it up with a soft rose gold ombré instead.

Remember: it could take some time for the colour to come out completely. You might still see dull hints in your hair for the foreseeable future.