It’s officially back-to-work season, and unless you’re a high-flying cosmopolitan woman who makes money the right way – with a laptop in hand, in her PJs – or you’re somehow still on holiday in the South of France, it’s time to saddle up the horse and hop back on!

If you’re anything like me (which isn’t necessarily a good plan), you’re looking for any inspiration to get up and go in the morning – whether that’s an adorable new tote or a funky little notepad to put a pep in your step.

So, here is a list of absolute essentials we believe the Schick woman needs to kick off the New Year in style!

A Smartphone. There’s almost no getting around having a Smartphone, these days. How do you monitor your personal online brand, check your emails and conduct a dozen bank transfers a minute, all at the same time? It’s no longer a luxury; a Smartphone is essential to staying on top of the things in your every day life. So, if you happen to be without one, it’s time to invest!

A notebook (preferably a pretty, perky one). Maybe I’m just old-school, but writing stuff down on a piece of paper beats typing it in on my iPhone ANY day. And there’s nothing better than a notebook that doubles as a really-pretty-to-look-at thing in my bag as well. Stay organised this New Year by writing out your to-do lists, goals for the year, etc. in a good ol’ pad.

Picture of Office Stuff On Table Workplace with Laptop, Mobile Phone, pen, pencil, marker, earphone and notepad. All office stuffs are in sharp focus and there in no human body part in the image. The wooden office table given a home office look and describe the photo as work from home.

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Business cards. Opportunities never announce themselves; they just kind of turn up on a Wednesday afternoon at 2:12pm, when you bump into someone who could offer you one that might just change your life. That’s why having and carrying your business cards in your purse is not a suggestion; it’s an absolute necessity.

Mobile wi-fi. I’m a practical working girl, alright? That means I sometimes have to read emails quickly whilst waiting for the traffic light to turn green, or update my LinkedIn profile while I get a slice of post-work-therapy (that’s cake, to the layman). Basically, I NEED ACCESS TO THE BIG, BAD WEB ALL THE TIME. In an increasingly digital world, so do you.

A pop of colour. For your lips, that is. Post-work drinks with the girls? You’re ready! The Bae picking you up for a bite of dinner? You’ve got this. You know what they say: All you need in life is a little lipstick and a lot of coffee. No, really, that’s a saying.

Image source: GETTY

Image source: GETTY

Mobile, laptop, everything charger. We tend to take pride in the fact that our phones can do a million things at the same time, but boy, does that require a lot of power juicing. Leave the awkward excuses behind in 2016, and make your charger your best-est buddy!

Your favourite scent. Nothing puts a pep in your step better than smelling like your favourite floral, vanilla or woody scent – so, don’t leave home without it! PLUS, the compliments at work will just keep flooding in!

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Image source: GETTY


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