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From discussing how beauty brands are promoting sustainability, let’s delve into the list of eco-conscious/ friendly beauty brands you should know if you are looking towards supporting sustainable beauty.


Arami is a natural beauty brand, ‘Aram mi’ means ‘my body’ in Yoruba, a language spoken in South Western Nigeria and other parts of Africa. Their products are formulated without toxic ingredients; handcrafted in small batches using natural ingredients from the African continent renowned for their effectiveness. They believe that truly beautiful skin is more than skin deep so they encourage you to make better choices – emotional, mental and spiritual.

Inspired by the global plastic issue where the society is suffering from high amounts of plastic waste and pollution; they recently launched a recycling program termed ‘Arami Earth’. They pick up empty containers from customers who have amassed 10 or more – so for every 10 Arami containers you recycle, you will receive a free product of your choice.

“At Arami, we care about what we put on and in our bodies but we also care about what goes into our environment. We have only one Earth so we all have to do our part to protect it.” – The Founder, Arami Essentials.


ILERA Apothecary was founded in 2015 by Chinonye and Nneji Akunne. The sister duo, born to Nigerian immigrants, developed a strong sense of pride for their Igbo roots, and at a young age discovered ways to educate their peers on their heritage. Inspired by their youngest brother who made a commitment to limit the use of non-organic personal care products, Chinonye and Nneji travelled to their parent’s southeastern Nigerian hometown to source the initial ingredients for the first batch of products.

A premium organic and vegan skincare brand, ILERA Apothecary uses sustainably sourced ingredients, backed by science to create highly effective products. All ingredients used in products assures to enhance the look, feel and vitality of your skin.

The majority of ILERA Apothecary product line includes Okwuma, the Igbo term for Shea butter – an age-long natural home item that has been used in their family for generations.


Natural Nigerian is a social & environmentally conscious enterprise; 100% female owned business. Owned and run by a qualified chemist, they have been instrumental in building the natural community in Nigeria. The brand started out in 2011 as a natural hair blog, and now, Natural Nigerian is a manufacturer of Natural Hair and Skincare products for Women, Men and Children – committed to the use of Naturally Derived ingredients alongside proven safe synthetics certified by a trusted body like Ecocert and COSMOS.

They focus on utilizing Nigeria’s rich ethnobotanical ingredients in product formulations as a way of tapping into Nigeria’s rich culture and also drawing attention to their existence in hopes that others begin to appreciate their value. Asserting to being the first company to ever put Red Acalypha and Nigerian herbs into use.

Natural Nigerian is inspired by Beauty sourced from nature and backed by science.



Tiossan is the first luxury, all-natural artisan skincare brand inspired by the ancient medicinal secrets of the traditional Sufi healers of Senegal and the beauty rituals of gorgeous Senegalese women. Magatte Wade, the founder and Ceo founded the brand after studying with a traditional healer from her native Senegal, she wanted women around the world to experience the best of her cultural traditions. Tiossan promises the full benefits of pure, natural skincare, in comparison to many of the ingredients contained in even “high-end” skin care products – also providing uncanny nourishment and rejuvenation through raw, natural ingredients, such as organic black seed oil and unrefined Shea butter.

The founder narrates the beauty rituals of self-love learned from birth: “In her native Senegal there is a ritual for all babies, for the first 45days, a grandmother gives a daily full body massage. Thus, a daily ritual of self-love is established for life by spending a few minutes every day making those gestures over your own skin with nourishing ingredients that come from the land… and Tiossan offers not only these sacred ingredients and formulations to feed your body skin but a reminder of the importance of doing this every single day”.



Malée, is one of South Africa niche beauty brands inspired by the rich landscapes, alluring scents and ancient wisdom of Africa, the luxurious fragrance and body care range balances 100% natural active ingredients and scientifically proven formulas to heal, protect and pamper the skin. The brand’s innovative formulas affirm to being at the forefront of modern beauty science. Carefully crafted from 100% natural active ingredients selected for their vitamin-rich and antioxidant properties, each product harnesses the therapeutic power of botanicals to nourish, heal and protect the skin. Malée is said to capture the essence of wanderlust.