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26 Dec


With its horizon of skyscrapers, bewilderingly beautiful natural gems and bustling streets with hip restaurants, it’s no wonder Hong Kong is slowly becoming one of the most desirable locations for every versed traveler. It offers serene escapes for the nature lover, a fast-growing business scene for the ambitious, but also a vibrant history and cultural heritage.

Explore its natural wonders

So much of its urban buzz has been in the spotlight that people forget about Hong Kong’s incredible wealth of nature and wilderness. Take a trip to the surreal Jubilee Reservoir in Shing Mun in the New Territories of Hong Kong, and a glance over the breathtaking verdure of the valley will be more than enough to make you fall in love.

Hike to the peak of Lantau and treat yourself to the most majestic sunrise you’ll ever see. On the other hand, you can enjoy a sunny, exotic day at the Deep Water Bay Beach, a perfect spot for families as well as lone wolves trying to catch some bronze.

Advance with your career

Digital nomads, as well as entire families, have started choosing Hong Kong as their home in recent years precisely for its thriving professional scene and excellent educational opportunities. A great way to build up your career in this region would be teaching English with the help of many TESL courses designed to help you turn your language skills into a profitable career path.

This is particularly handy for those who’d also like to extend their travels and have a skill that’s in high demand! Hong Kong is also a well-developed region for digital nomads and entrepreneurs, with many networking opportunities and a flourishing digital nomad community, and it’s still one of the most well-connected regions of the globe.

Get to know the local history

The Buddhist legacy in this region is truly mesmerizing. Your itinerary should definitely include a few trips to some of Hong Kong’s most precious temples that offer a humble, timeless contrast to the city’s modern, fast-paced vibe. The Chi Lin Nunnery, the Po Lin Monastery, and the Yuk Hui Temple are just some among the many renowned architectural and historic monuments worth a visit.

On a more modern note, festivals in Hong Kongpreserve some of the region’s most valued traditions and customs, while at the same time they incorporate the contemporary spirit. The Dragon Boat Festival and Chinese New Year are some of the local favorites, but tourists also tend to flock especially during these occasions for their remarkable festivity!

Fancy a pampering?

If you think that you’ve had the best facial treatment before, think again. Hong Kong offers some of the best skin treatments in top notch spas as well as hair and nail salons. When you wanna chill after a long day, stop by a spa salon in Hong Kong, and experience some of the massages and facials this city has to offer.

As for the already mentioned facials, it’s well known that they are very beneficial to your skin health, and if you do them on a regular basis, you’ll see big changes on your face!

Discover the nightlife

Bazaars might not be what you expect to count as nightlife, but Hong Kong is here to surprise after all. Of course, you can stick to the modern version of fun and head to a club, but let’s say that this would be a culturally much more rewarding experience!

One of the best locations to visit would bethe Temple Street Night Market, where your ability to haggle will face a true test. This is a spot for truly rare finds, antiques and delightful, locally made artisan items like no souvenir gift shop could produce.

Truth be told, Hong Kong is a city that will always have another surprise waiting for you, but for an eager explorer, that’s precisely what makes it a dream destination for life as well as adventure!

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