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14 May


A lot of people decide to be entrepreneurs for various reasons, these people put so much effort & time into mastering their craft, however, most of them pay less attention to other skills needed for them to excel at running a SME business. As an entrepreneur, your main objective is to make profit from offering your service to a client, hence, the need to ensure you develop the needed skills to achieve this objective.

We have compiled the top 5 skills every SME entrepreneur needs to be equipped with to excel.

Customer Service: This skill is the bedrock of every successful business and as a service provider, face to face interactions with customers is inevitable. We recommend that all entrepreneur should be equipped with this skill. Customer Service Management courses would help entrepreneurs understand, interact and manage relationships with their clients. Platforms like Alison provides free trainings and diploma courses on customer service.

Book Keeping | Accounting: Every entrepreneur needs to have a basic understanding of the double entry principle which states that every financial transaction has equal and opposite effects. Accounting skill would help entrepreneurs manage their income, expenditure and profit better. Book keeping skill would help keep track of purchases, sales, receipts, and payments. Platforms like Accounting Coach can help acquire these skills.

Graphics Design: With the wave and impact of social media, the need for well curated social media pages with great aesthetic is on the rise. Entrepreneurs need to be able to brand their services to get the attention of prospective customers on their timeline thus the need for graphics design skill. Platforms like Canva can help entrepreneurs learn the basic graphic designing skill required for flyers, logos, posters and marketing communications.

Project Management: Managing, initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing of a client’s order requires a meticulous skill every entrepreneur should acquire. Project management would ensure targets are met and goals are achieved over a defined timeline. Platforms like Airtable have various project management templates and tools to help get started.

Brand Management: Managing the image of your brand as an entrepreneur is important and this skill constitutes various micro skills you need to ensure your brand excels. Self-confidence is a major skill you need to master as for your brand as well as for yourself, Employee Management is also an important skill entrepreneurs need to be equipped with to ensure employees satisfaction. Public speaking skill would ensure continuous development for your brand.

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We hope these skills mentioned would help all SME entrepreneurs excel in their business.

Hannah Ayilaran

Hannah is SCHICK magazine's fashion business manager. She is a business development enthusiast with a pure love for fashion. Having studied Engineering Business Management at the University of Warwick, her passion for continuous development has been channeled into the media world taking on various business challenges one day at a time.

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