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Thinking of working outside Africa? What are the best expat destinations for women in search of great career opportunities? Well, look no further! The InterNations annual survey Expat Insider surveyed close to 7 000 female expats living in 168 countries, taking an in-depth look at the ten countries where women working abroad rate their career prospects most favourably. The results reveal significant insights into women citing above-average satisfaction with their career prospects but at the same time benefiting from a higher income than at home. The results will surprise you! Here are the top 5 countries:

No. 1: Mexico

For women working abroad, it’s Mexico which tops the charts in terms of career prospects: close to seven in ten (68%) are satisfied with their career opportunities. However, it looks like they have to work pretty hard for that. As the average working week for a full-time job has 45 hours, it hardly comes as a surprise that 26% of expat women working in Mexico are unsatisfied with this factor.

No. 2: Myanmar

When it comes to satisfaction with career prospects among women working abroad, it’s slightly surprising that Myanmar ranks second worldwide: there, most expat women work in education (43%), with non-profit, charity, and religious organizations (14%) trailing far behind — two sectors that aren’t traditionally associated with fast-track careers. However, overall job satisfaction among female expats working in Myanmar is also very high: 85% rate this aspect positively, compared to 61% on a global scale.

No. 3: Cambodia

Out of the top 10 countries for women to pursue a career abroad, Cambodia has the highest share of female expats who are satisfied with their working hours (82%). Interestingly enough, they only work a little less per week than the global average (average hours for full-time jobs: 42.4 vs. 42.7 worldwide). Just like in Myanmar, the largest percentage by far works in education (43%), followed by nonprofit, charity, and religious organizations (13%).

No. 4: Bahrain

Among the top 10 destinations for expat women’s career prospects, Bahrain features the highest share of women working full time (93%). However, with 40.9 hours a week, they also work significantly less than the global average of 42.7 hours. Unsurprisingly, 77% of expat women working in Bahrain are happy with their work-life balance. “You can still find the time to relax after a day at work,” an expat from the Philippines states.

No. 5: New Zealand

Quite unlike Bahrain, New Zealand actually has the highest share of women working only part-time abroad (34%) among these top 5 destinations. One potential reason: most expat women moved to New Zealand to improve their quality of life (28%), whereas only 4% cite a work-related reason as their main motivation for relocating. “It’s just so beautiful here,” a US American living in New Zealand emphasizes.

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