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Our Spring Issue 2018 cover star Bonang B* Matheba is a really busy woman! The 31-year old has announced her newest venture in the field of fashion, an exclusive self-titled range of t-shirts, soon to be available at online retailer Spree.co.za.

In true Bonang brand fashion, the t-shirts are emblazoned with catchy phrases, like “Give the people what they want” and “Mo’ghel”,  popularized by her hit reality TV show “Being Bonang”. Genius? We certainly think so.

Ok, so I guess our new uniform is Bonang’s various t-shirts with whatever else cause honestly the t-shirt is all that matters rn. Don’t forget – to be the first to know when they officially go on sale, sign up!

The BONANG by Bonang Matheba range is limited edition and all we know so far is that it launches later this month. Emblazoned with slogans like #iamBonangMOG’HEL and GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT, these babies are gonna sell out faster than a One Direction reunion concert, so we recommend you sign up here to be the first to know when they go on sale.

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Bonang Matheba