They say the bigger the hair, the harder they stare. We all know that fear limits you and this is also applicable to how well you treat your hair. The terror of having to lose your hair or damages done after experimenting, calls in for the need to play safe.  But this Kenyan Mexican actress, Lupita Nyong’o make us voice “let it fro” and Vernon Francois who is the man behind her faultless hair game delivers a hair-do that’s African inspired from dated history.

Lupita Nyong’o has revealed a wide range of natural hairstyles from Faux Hawk, Short curls, Twist out, Senegalese twist, Braids, Faux locs, Bantu puffs and this has shown us her love for her heritage. She also goes as far as adding in ropes, beads, and all sorts of hair bands for embellishments when marked on the Red carpet and trust me no heat is required for her go-to protective hairstyles. We are much aware of her ever-changing looks and it’s difficult to predict what next she will come through with. Click through our gallery and be inspired!

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