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Kosibah’s deliciously feminine bridal collection combines the timeless and the contemporary in the most exquisite ways. The brand has consistently used long-forgotten crafts and skills alongside modern design cues and uniquely stylish twists. It’s amazing to see gowns that can appear so simple yet so intricate at the same time. Wedding dresses by Kosibah also have a strength and confidence that belies their beauty. The figure-skimming silhouettes are truly superb and we can imagine how delighted any bride would be to wear one of these perfect designs.

As we continue on the road to Lagos Bridal Fashion Week, we hear from Kosibah and find out more about the brand’s inspirations and driving passion, enjoy.

Q1: Describe the Kosibah bride

Kosibah: The Kosibah Bride is a bride who has decided she doesn’t want a dress off the shelf but an elegant, flattering and well constructed bespoke gown created from scratch for her in a design that ticks all her aspirational boxes of her ideal dress. She is a discerning bride who knows the value of couture and is able and happy to pay for it.

Q2: Could you tell us a little bit more about your unique design style? How do you balance traditional techniques with contemporary styling?

Kosibah: My unique design style is the creation of figure enhancing gowns that flatter and enhance the silhouette of the wearer regardless of size or shape. I aim to make gowns that are timeless and classic yet give a nod to current trends. I constantly strive to find new, fresh and innovative ways in my design aesthetic to achieve this in a way that raises the bar with each dress I create.

Q3: Why bridal? Why did you choose to concentrate on this area?

Kosibah: My specialisation in Bridalwear came about in an organic way. I was trained to create my gowns from scratch using Old School couture methods and techniques. They are very labour intensive and time consuming to create. This together with the fact that my designs lent themselves to opulent, luxurious and elegant dresses meant that bridal and special occasion wear were the only gowns that were viable for me to create to be commercially successful. I also love the fact that I’m able to make my brides look and feel their best on their special day as a result of something I created. It makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Q4: If you could design a wedding dress for anyone (from history or a current figure), whom would you choose and how would you dress them?

Kosibah: If I could make a wedding dress for Oprah Winfrey, even though she says marriage is not for her, that would be my ideal commission. Her figure type is perfect for showing how I can sculpt and shape a client with my gowns and she would have the budget to create something quite spectacular using the very best fabrics and embellishments.

Q5: What do you think are the most important things a bride should consider when they’re choosing their gown?

Kosibah: A bride should decide on the budget she has for her gown and that in turn will determine if she goes for a ready to wear gown, bought exactly as seen usually from a department store or Wedding shop, a designer gown where she has some options to tweak an existing design which is then made for her or a couture or bespoke gown where the dress is designed and made from scratch specifically for her to her exact measurements.

She should also determine the venue and time of year she’ll be getting married because that also should have an effect on the design of the gown.

She should also know her body type and ensure she chooses a style that is flattering to it.

Q6: How do you stay inspired and motivated season after season?

Kosibah: I absolutely love and have a great passion for what I do. The challenge of creating something that doesn’t exist in reality from a sketch from my imagination to an actual garment that I know will make whoever is wearing it look their best is my motivation. I’m also aware that one must constantly keep updated and fresh and I’m constantly stimulating my mind and imagination through the beauty of Art, Culture, travel and general experiences.

Q7: How do you manage to continuously innovate on classic and timeless collections?

Kosibah: My previous answer covers this question quite succinctly.

Q8: If there was an opportunity to collaborate with another design house or retail brand, who would be your choice and why?

Kosibah: I would love to collaborate with a footwear brand such as Christian Louboutin to create a range of bridal shoes using exquisite fabrics and jewelled embellishments. I think it would be a perfect match for the Kosibah brand to complement our gowns. I also would like to collaborate with a bridal styling service in Nigeria to see how we can work together to create a seamless way for brides to be able to acquire a bespoke Kosibah gown in the most convenient way possible.

Q9: What styles and trends do you think we’ll be seeing more of in coming seasons and years?

Kosibah: As brides are getting more sophisticated and adventurous in their choices of gowns whilst still being respectful of traditional and religious requirements, the use of illusion tulle, Lace, soft ethereal Fabrics, 3D Lace Appliqué and volume in skirts will be quite prevalent. At the same time, very pared down designs in Fabrics such as double crepe, marocain and zibeline will be making an appearance by brides with an ultra contemporary style aesthetic.

Q10: How do you feel about showcasing at Lagos Bridal Fashion Week?

Kosibah: I’m very excited and encouraged for the bridal industry in Nigeria to be involved in the first Bridal Fashion Week. With the popularity and importance of weddings in Nigeria and the rise of so many homegrown bridal designs it’s a wonder it hadn’t been done before so I give all kudos to the team behind Call Her Classic for spotting a niche and creating a very much needed platform for bridal designers to come together in a coordinated way to show their latest collections.

Q11: What should we expect from your runway showcase at LBFW?

Kosibah: I will be showing my STATESIDE Collection of couture gowns which are comprised of various silhouettes in an ivory and nude palette. They have the signature figure enhancing element to them but done in a deceptively unstructured way.

Q12: What trends or themes influenced the design of your new collection?

Kosibah: The sheer, opaque and layered trend is featured in the collection. Having a sensual almost sexy dress that at ultimately reveals nothing immodest and therefore balances the thin line that keeps both your pastor and mother in law happy on the one hand, yet is a dress that slays on the glamour side of things.