The Fabric Hub has always aimed to deliver the best in Men’s bespoke tailoring and this was the mission it sought out to present as the Nigerian brand showcased its newest collection titled ‘The Journey’ at the Fashions Finest Africa Fashion Show last night. Infusing the traditional men’s kaftan style, the collection’s pieces feature easy-to-wear linen and cotton garments and edgy patterns and prints with a stylish yet comfortable feel to it. Although inspired by colour, this brand played mainly with prints and style to deliver a showcase with great visual creativity to it. This collection urged men to step out of their comfort zone and go against the grain and it was a pleasure to watch. Click on the gallery for the full runway showcase.

Photography Courtesy:

Make up – Zaron Cosmestics|Hairstylist – Zubby Definition|Stylists – The Style Infidel, Maryanne, Bimbo|Photographer – Insigna Media

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