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Life is too short to wear boring clothes, these are words by uber stylish South African celebrity stylist, Kefilwe Mabote.Stylist to the elite, fashion, lifestyle and travel advocate and South African Style Award winner, Kefilwe Mabote is one of the most influential bloggers out there. She’s has made a name for herself through her brand, Kefi Vogue Styles which focuses on promoting and advertising luxury brands. As she celebrates her birthday, we take a look at 5 of the style connoisseur’s tips to integrate into your wardrobe.

Lesson 1: Infuse Black accents into everything

Kefilwe Mabote

A well-fitted blazer adds instant chic to any outfit. Kefilwe gives us Parisian chic as she rocks a black blazer with gold details, oversized black sunglasses and a black beret.

Lesson 2: Leather Jackets add an instant cool factor

Kefilwe Mabote

Want to add an instant ‘cool’ factor to your outfit, a leather jacket is the way to go and Kefilwe does just that.

Lesson 3: Fur it up when you can

Kefilwe Mabote

Kefilwe definitely knows her fur. Whether faux or real, fur adds opulence and Avant-garde qualities to outfits.

Lesson 4: The essence of Suit appeal

Kefilwe Mabote

From her Instagram page, we can definitely tell that Kefilwe is a suit lover. She incorporates interesting colours and designs, shying away from the standard black, navy and grey.

Lesson 5: Dare to bare with Sheer Lace

Kefilwe Mabote

Dare to bare. Kefilwe shows us how to add some spice to your lace tops. Wear nothing but a bra under a sheer lace top for that extra va va voom effect.

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