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“Very often fashion is just redoing something that has already been done, so you’re always going to find something from the past that you can connect with. I look at movies of the 1960s and all the black men looked so sharp”

-Adonis Bosso

Well known for his etched structured face and daring eyes with a septum piercing, Ivorian supermodel Adonis Bosso demonstrates to us what it takes to go thrifty with your style. His career in modelling started off when he was spotted at an agency while running errands for his girlfriend and immediately he got signed. Ever since then, he has been keeping up with a number of appearances on fashion magazines, advertising campaigns and walked the runway for top-notch designers across the world. He even graced the runway at ARISE Fashion Week. His style choice represents a nobleman with quaint imperfections and a love for personalised customisation. Tracing back to his childhood days, he is more pleased to hop into thrift stores and buy exclusive pieces from there, which you can find on the runway. Here is a rundown of five style lessons we can learn from Adonis Bosso.

Lesson 1: Never forget your home style

‘Home is where the heart is’ and Bosso has such a great amount of love for his heritage, he has never fizzled with regards to rocking a traditional outfit once in a while. Accessorize up with some antique jewelleries and any sandals will instantly complete your outfit.

Lesson No. 2: Who says lengths have to be equal?

We definitely love the unequal length style that Bosso pulls off, it has a craving for being odd which is the thing now. Go crazy with your outfit style lengths and kill it with a smooth finish. One tip is let the hat do the talking like he did.

Lesson No. 3: Earthy tones will take you to the safari

Who says earthy tones are for the Autumn/Winter season only, rock this standing ‘o’ nation look for that safari vibe and slide in some manly slippers the way Bosso did. Opt for a long scarf for sun protection or sunnies will do just fine.

Lesson 4: Always be a revolutionary

It takes several attempts to rock a beret this well but Bosso’s style indicates how much you can focus on a head piece. It transforms your whole look for a day out and lately, it’s been seen as most fashionistas go to headpiece.

Lesson 5: Break the traditionally set rules for suits

Shaking a customized tailored look with sneakers is just the ultimate way of breaking the rule. Say goodbye to the gentleman’s shoes and set out in style with a splash of pastel shading.

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